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A Community for Het Fanfiction Based on the show Sons of Anarchy
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About soa_hetfic:

All characters, events, settings and situations mentioned in these work(s) are sole property of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, in constitutes fair use.

*The SoA Het Fic community fully accepts the use of Original Female Characters or OFC's.*

RULES ('cause every community needs to have them):

1] This is a HET fic community, therefore all fics should be het related.

2] No Slash, please! I know some are more into the slashiness aspects of fanfiction, but it's not everyone's cup of tea, so this is one of those places. I'm sure there are communities that will cater to those that happen to like Slash in the possible future...if not, then I'm sure someone reading this will create one so there is one.

3] All fic posted must have a header, an example is below...mostly because it makes tagging a whole heck of a lot easy.

Standard Header:


If you want to include a summary of what it's about, that's cool too...

3a] All fanfic needs to be placed under an lj-cut, to keep everyone's f-list looking pretty.

4] At the moment, this community is moderated, and will remain so...until further notice.

5] Like stated above, OFC's are accepted by this community, therefore if you don't like them, please keep that fact to yourself. If you are found to have said something mean about a writers characters, then you won't be welcomed here.

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